How Beneficial is The Venus Transit 2023 in Gemini From 2 to 30 May?

 How Beneficial is The Venus Transit 2023 in Gemini From 2 to 30 May?

In Astrology, the planet Venus is also counted among the auspicious planets. It is considered the factor of art, love, beauty, matrimonial, vehicle, and other physical pleasures and conveying of thoughts and emotions. Whereas, Gemini is the sign of relations and communications.  Venus is going to transit in Gemini Tuesday, May 2 at 01:49 PM which will continue till Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 07:38 PM. Due to its zodiac change, remarkable changes are going to happen in the lives of all the zodiac signs. 

Due to the auspicious position of Venus in the horoscope, a person gets all worldly pleasures. On the other hand, due to its weakness, there are many problems including tension in married life, lack of worldly pleasures, a decline in economic condition, and diseases. Due to the change of the zodiac sign of Venus, the fortune of the people of some zodiac signs is going to shine. Let's know about these lucky zodiac signs. 
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1. Taurus
For the people of Taurus, their ascendant lord is transiting in the house of wealth. During this, the desire to become rich as soon as possible will increase in your mind. You will work harder and will not hesitate to take risks. During this time there will be profit in business and opportunities to earn money in the workplace will rise. 

There is every chance for the rise of wealth and desire for a kid during this transit. Venus will help you establish a profession, particularly in the creative and artistic areas. Long-term investments are advantageous during this time.

2. Gemini
Venus is the fifth lord for Gemini, which is transiting in the ascendant house in the sign of friendly Mercury. Your comfort will increase during this period. The natives who are writers, speakers, journalists, and teachers will get special benefits during the transit of Venus. People associated with tasks like secretaries, lawyers, and computer programmers will also be benefited.   

During this time, due to your reasoning power, intelligence, discretion, and knowledge, you will get respect and there will be economic progress. It will be better that during this time you stick to your promises and fulfill your responsibility well. Your artistic talent will come to the fore during this period.
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3. Virgo 
For Virgo, Venus is the lord of the second and ninth house, which is transiting in the tenth house. This period will give you special success in the field. There are signs of major changes in both business and job. Your business can expand, you can get investment or you can get a job promotion. Luck will support you in terms of career and business. 

Also, you may have to travel long distances for a job or business. There is also a possibility of a religious journey with the family, but it will be a convenient and comfortable journey for you. People associated with many sectors like the hotel industry, sports, and advertising will be specially benefited.

4. Aquarius
Venus is a yoga karaka for the people of Aquarius and is the master of their happiness and fortune. This transit is about to enter your fifth house. It is considered to give special auspicious results. During this period, your respect will increase. Students studying can get awards. People associated with education will get respect. 

Venus is the ruler of Aquarius' happiness and wealth and is a yoga karaka for the sign. Your fifth house is about to be entered by this transit. It is said to produce very favorable outcomes. Your respect will rise throughout this time. Students studying can get awards. People in the educational field will be valued and gain respect. 

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