Effective Medicinal Bath For Hard-to-Please Planets in Astrology

 Effective Medicinal Bath For Hard-to-Please Planets in Astrology

In astrology, the medicinal bath is also seen as significant. If a person is afflicted by any planetary ills and takes a therapeutic bath, the unfavorable effects of the planet are banished.
Each planet is related to some special medicines and if a planet is weak in the birth chart and is giving inauspicious results, then taking a bath with the mixture of medicines related to that planet proves to be beneficial. Similarly, in ancient times, our sages used to bathe with medicinal herbs to pacify the afflictions of the planets.

Here are some tough-to-please planets, so let's see which medicinal bath can help reduce their malefic influence on your life. 
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The planet Sun in astrology is a symbol of power, status, and authority. Also, this planet also represents fame and well-being. Sun is also considered the controller, lord of the universe, energy center, and planetary emperor. For example, in astrology, the Sun is called a punctual planet, due to which every person whose Sun prevails is influential.

Medicinal Bath 
For the peace of the sun, put the powder of Kaner, cedar, saffron, cardamom, and Mahua flowers in water and take a bath. By doing this, soon the ill effects of the sun on you can be removed.

Whatever aspects of a person's life are red, hot, agile, bright, and sharp, all these are the gifts of the burning planet Mars. Mars's dominating position develops a powerful personality. This planet regulates the forces of energy and life.

Medicinal Bath 
For example, in order to increase strength, might, and progress in life, it is necessary for the condition of Mars to prevail in the horoscope. For auspicious results, you should take a medicinal bath by putting dry ginger, fennel, and red sandalwood flowers in the water.

Mercury is the lord of communication which regulates the mind, speech,  perseverance, and skill. This planet is the lens of your mind and intellect. The planet Mercury has also been called the messenger and is also considered the controller of intelligence in Vedic astrology.

Medicinal Bath 
In this way, for the peace of Mercury, one should take bath by putting Baheda, rice, amla, and honey in water.

Karma Devta or Shani is not a planet that is easily pleased. You have to scourge yourself in every way for discipline and hard work and prove your loyalty. The result, however, comes in the most amazing way when Shani dev is pleased with your efforts.

Medicinal Bath 
When Shani impacts you negatively then consider pleasing it by bathing with water mixed with Antimony, Kalatil, Nagarmotha, Black Sesame, Shatapushpi, Black Urad, and Lodhra flowers.
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The semi-planet Rahu, in astrology, is called the illusionary and shadow planet. It represents taboos and leads to obsessive actions. It makes you do things that society will not accept.

Medicinal Bath 
For Rahu Shanti, taking a bath with Nagbel, frankincense, and sesame leaves in water, gets rid of the various Doshas.

Ketu is also called the half-planet without a head. It gives a person spiritual inclination and non-attachment to worldly desires and ambitions and makes a person better in terms of character and mindset. 

Medicinal Bath 
As such, there are many benefits of Ketu being strong and happy in the horoscope. Like, for the peace of Ketu, put frankincense, Bala, Motha, and Priyangu in water and take a bath.

Hence, opting for the above medicinal bath can help you a lot to please these planets, it may help you get rid of their severe malefic influences and impacts on your life. There are other remedies for these hard-to-please planets that you can practice by connecting to consult our experts and need to take some effective astrology online consultation for positive outcomes.      

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