Do You Know Astrologers Can Save You From Divorce?

 Do You Know Astrologers Can Save You From Divorce?

It is true that a lot of effort, trust, energy, patience, time, and yes freedom is required to balance and keep going with a happy marriage. But many of us did not fit into such a scenario and are devoid of appreciating the similarities and respecting the differences. When such circumstances arise it definitely becomes tough to tackle such pressures in a relationship. Despite handling there are a number of other factors—many of which are not in our control and simply lead to broken marriages.

Now the major quest is— Is it possible to predict divorces in astrology? Yes, undoubtedly, this is where Astrology can be of great use and is like icing on the cake to predict separations and help to stop divorces by analyzing a native's birth chart and Kundli matchmaking  

Astrology can help you with tumultuous relationships. 
Divorce is one of the worst and most painful experiences that one could ever undergo. But the fact is— This universe has all the solutions to every arising problem no matter how hard the situation is. Similarly, in astrology, the native's astrological chart can be used to predict several ways behind an unhappy relationship that is on the verge of divorce. 

The birth chart of a person is like a roadmap to one's destiny which contains information about every planet, house, and nakshatra that can be used to predict divorce-like situations accurately which can be dissolved in time based on a person's date of birth or Janam kundli in hindi    

Which houses are responsible for Divorce? 
According to Divorce astrology, it is believed that the 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th are thought to be particularly important in getting deep insights into your marital life. And each of these houses in the horoscope governs a specific area of your life from partners' compatibility to sexual pleasure. 

As a result, marriage astrologers look at these astrological houses, planetary placements, the Upapada Lagna, and the second house from the Upapada Lagna to predict divorce or marital issues. In order to provide a precise prediction for divorce or other marital-related issues, they also look at the 7th house, Ascendant or Lagna, 6th house, and 8th house of the Navamsa Chart.

Planets Responsible for Divorce in Astrology
The major planets like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Sun are taken into account to analyze marital issues or divorce problems in Kundli. In addition, the likelihood of getting married and getting divorced is affected by the positions of planets like Venus and Jupiter. While the malefic or weak or afflicted position of Jupiter in the female's Kundli symbolizes sadness because of the spouse, the malefic or weak or afflicted position of Venus in the male's birth chart predicts discord in marital life.

How Divorce can be predicted in Astrology?
Whenever you take any consultation regarding divorce make sure to seek it only from some experienced and pronounced astrologers as life is a delicate subject where mere estimations won't work anymore. Well! In the astrological chart, there are specific planetary alignments known as yogas that signal divorce. Astrologers thoroughly assess these Yogas during gun milan online and birth chart analysis to provide precise divorce predictions by date of birth. 

Astrological Signs of Divorce: What Are the possibilities of Divorce in the birth chart? 

Our Vedic experts mentioned that in astrology, there are several factors that are responsible for giving rise to the formation of different Yogas in a person's Kundli and horoscope which are meant to predict the various possibilities of separation and divorce the way before one sees rifts in a marriage. Therefore, stop asking yourself, "Is there a divorce Yog in Kundli?" Continue reading the various inauspicious placements that cause possibilities of separation between the couples.  

• There are higher chances of divorce in your Kundli if the 7th house is troubled by, related and conjoined with, or aspected by any malefic planets.

• The instance when the Lord of the 7th house is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in a person's birth chart, can be estimated as a divorce signal in astrology. 

• The weak and inauspicious placement of Venus in the 7th, 8th, or 12th house in the birth chart helps astrologers to precisely predict divorce possibilities in astrology. 

• When Ketu is placed in the 7th house, this is a clear divorce signal in a person's Kundli in astrology.

• When Jupiter is positioned in the 7th house, it indicates that a divorce or separation from a spouse is likely to occur.

• If you want to know more about your marriage and how your partner is likely to be or facing any problem in your life related to love and marriage that you feel might convert into separation and turns into some major

fuss you should definitely talk to astrologer online and try consulting for the right guidance to save your divorce or likely circumstances in time before you both get apart. 

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