Benefits of Astrology in Our lives

 Benefits of Astrology in Our lives


Life has been so complicated with hurdles at every stage, that human beings urge to have insights into the future. We look around us for help and gain suggestions. Astrology is a scientific system of ancient times that predicts future happenings. It is a study of our birth chart by looking at the positions of the planets, the sun, the moon, and stars to make certain predictions.

Astrology is like a weather forecast for your life. It’s a prediction of what might happen next that can or cannot be accurate and varies for different situations and people. But it helps you know what’s going to happen next and work on it from today itself.

It’s the 'science of a prediction’ based on our present and is absolutely true. It’s based on your current lifestyle, and the prediction is for the future.

Let’s understand this with a simple example. You go for a check-up and the doctor tells you that your body is responding in a way that you may be diagnosed with diabetes. Now, when you know this, a normal person might react in two ways. One that they start to panic and are actually diagnosed with diabetes in no time, because of stress. Or the other that you understand that the doctor said if you don’t change your lifestyle now, then only, you’ll have that disease. Now, the prediction was right. The doctor was right. But moving in the correct direction with the predictions will make or break it, and astrology becomes your guiding star here.


Do people believe in astrology?

Graham Tyson, Professor of Psychology at South Africa’s University, said, "Under conditions of high stress, the individual is prepared to use astrology as a coping device even though, under low-stress conditions, he does not believe in it". If somebody is going through a rough phase in their life, they look for opinions that can justify that downfall in life and then, blame the horoscope and their destiny for all of it.

Humans tend to seek validation in general statements. At any point in their lives, they join dots based on what they might have read in the newspaper, someday and perhaps forcefully interconnect with the tough days. For example, horoscopes in magazines and newspapers have specific columns that quote like, ''You are going to crack a big deal in your business''. 

While the psychology lies behind the fact that these horoscopes have generic statements for every sun sign that plays with your mind and makes you believe that it’s true.

Astrology has always proven to be true and real. According to recent stats, 99% still believe in it across the world. It takes years of experience, study, and practice to be called a trained professional astrologist and under the guidance of the correct person, you’ll realize that predictions do work, and so does the remedies for these predictions if performed wholeheartedly.

Even the people who haven’t studied astrology have an opinion on every sun and moon sign. While actually, it’s all science, and since it’s all over the internet, people tend to believe generic opinions rather than facts without researching.


Do people who are born on the same day have the same horoscopes?

No, the birth chart of every individual is different depending on the stars and the sky. An astrologer predicts incidents and happenings of the past. But, the Sanskaar you are born with or things you have done in the past, the way you react to situations in life, makes a difference in the predictions.

Circumstances and Karma both together decide our destiny and fate. That is why horoscopes differ for two kids born on the same day. 

An accident occurs both in the lives of X and Y but, how they react to it, the kind of energy they send to the universe is what comes back to them, and, if the Karma is performed differently in a similar situation, they’ll have a different destiny. 

It's how you take things, predictions, and shortcomings and how you deal with them, not letting anything overpower you.

Institutions that teach astrology in India

1. Vels University: Higher education Institution in Tamil Nadu, Chennai 

Course they offer: BA Astrology

Fees: ₹35,000

Official website:


2. Mewar university: Situated in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Course they offer: BA Astrology Honors

Fees: ₹75,000

Official website:


3. Apex Professional University: Situated in Pasighat Highlights

Course they offer: Diploma in Business Astrology

Fees: ₹148,000

Official website:


4. Karpagam Academy of Higher Education: Situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Course they offer: M.Phil Astrology

Check the official website for fee structure:


5. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University: Situated in New Delhi, Delhi

Course they offer: Diploma in Medical Astrology

Check the official website for fee structure:

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