Astrology Predictions 2023: What Are The Reasons Behind Earthquakes?

 Astrology Predictions 2023: What Are The Reasons Behind Earthquakes?

Recently, around 10:22 pm on Tuesday 21 March 2023, there were significant earthquakes felt in Delhi-NCR. On the Richter scale, it was estimated to be 6.6 in magnitude. The Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan was the hotspot and epicenter of the earthquake, according to data collected so far.
According to governmental officials, 4 were killed and 50 were injured in Afghanistan, and at least 150 were injured in northern Pakistan respectively.  Relieving no documented loss of life or property has occurred in India thus far.
The Major countries like Turkmenistan, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan were among the nations that experienced earthquakes, according to USGS.

Why did the earthquake shocks in Delhi last longer than usual?
“As we know that the Indo-Australian plate is colliding with the Eurasian plate and this release happened in that region. The HKH region is very active seismologically. The reason why people in northwest India and Delhi felt it for a relatively long time is because of the depth. The depth of the fault is over 150 km so first primary waves were felt and then secondary waves. Aftershocks are likely now but they can't be Forecast” Stated J L Gautam— The head of the office and Scientist at the National Center for Seismology. 

What is the Astrology behind Earthquakes? 
It has been observed that when Mercury is retrograde or of lesser degrees than the Sun or is Asta during that period, earthquakes occur. When two or more two planets along with Rahu or Ketu are in conjunction with Earth-ruled zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Other planets like Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn when moving to retrograde give rise to  Earthquakes.

Since the transiting Venus and Rahu will be in conjunction in the sign of Aries from 12 March to 5 April 2023 makes a possibility of such natural and devastating calamities says our online astrologers. 
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Why Earthquake? Astrological Principles!
1. Earthquakes typically occur after eclipses and take place close to the eclipse. The nation or location where the eclipse takes place might not be risk-free.
2. When earthquakes occur, unfavorable associations between Mars and Saturn have been seen (conjunction, opposition, aspect, etc.).
3. The occurrence of earthquakes is influenced by earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).
4. At the time of the earthquake, a significant planet was identified to be in retrograde motion.
5. Both the Moon and Mercury must be in the same Nakshatra and be in conjuncture.
6. When planets like Uranus, Saturn, Mars, or Jupiter are in Taurus or Scorpio, earthquakes are likely to occur frequently.
7. The severe affliction of the 8th house or its lord must be indicated for an earthquake to occur in the year (the 8th house denotes mass deaths and mass tragedies which do happen in earthquakes also).

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Yes! Panic gripped people 
Many were observed leaving their homes with their relatives in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and other cities in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents. When the earthquake struck residential areas, scared people screamed. There was a tonne of video recordings of the tremors posted on social media.

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