Astrological Highlights of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake 2023

 Astrological Highlights of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake 2023

On the 6th of February, 2023 Monday, parts of South-central Turkey and Northern and western Syria were drastically hit by a tremendous Earthquake measuring a maximum magnitude of moment magnitude (Mw) 7.8. This terrifying Turkey-Syria earthquake delivers a haunting chill to the world hence bringing the two prominent countries of the world to their knees. The week of grief and anguish has confirmed the death toll from the deadliest earthquake in the history of Turkey that surpassed 33,179 on Sunday. And it is expected to grow as more remains are discovered in the rubble. Authorities reported that the accident also injured around 92,600 other people in this apocalypse on a catastrophic scale.      

As a result of which Leaders in both nations have been questioned about their response as hundreds of thousands more people have been left homeless and hungry over the bitterly cold winter.

Who is Frank Hoogerbeets?
A Dutch geologist by the name of Frank Hoogerbeets appeared to have tweeted an impossibly exceptional prediction three days prior to the Turkey-Syria earthquakes—  that "sooner or later there will be an Mw 7.5 earthquake in South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon."


What is the Astrology behind Turkey- Syria quake jolts? 
Four significant earthquakes have shaken the Republic of Turkey, a nation known for its beaches, vibrant marketplaces, and of course, its walnuts, which account for 75% of the world's supply. Thus, making it history. Whereas, Turkey is primarily located in an earthquake-prone zone where there is a disproportionately high level of tectonic activity deep within the earth, making Turkey prone to earthquakes on a regular basis. Hence depending on the geographical aspect of Turkey and its occurrences our experts used astrological analysis to determine which planets and astrological circumstances caused the significant earthquake in Turkey.

Stars of Turkey 
According to the most recent Turkish astrology, the moon is located in the first house and the Ascendant is Gemini. Rahu is located in the third house, Ketu is in the ninth house, and Mercury, the ascendant lord, is situated with Saturn, Venus, and the Sun in the fifth house.

Mars, the sixth lord, is positioned in the fourth house, while Jupiter is positioned in the sixth house. Now that we have taken all of this into account, we can better understand why Turkey saw four powerful earthquakes in the space of just 24 hours.

Our Experts say
• According to Turkey's horoscope, Saturn is in the Antardasha and the country is currently in the Sun's Mahadasha. The Sun and Saturn's conjunction, both in transit and through lordship, indicates that Turkey is currently facing life's challenges.

• Sun, the ruler of the Mahadasha, and Saturn, the ruler of the Antardasha, are both tied to Rahu and Ketu at this time because of their current transits. As a result, Rahu and Ketu, two unfavorable planets that can be accused of such misfortunes, are having an impact on both the Mahadasha lord and the Antardasha lord.

• The planet Mars is typically responsible for events like earthquakes and accidents that can result in a huge number of fatalities. It is currently transiting in the 12th house and is the ruler of the 6th house, which is also a malefic house.

What is Operation Dost? 
After the deadliest earthquake in the region which stood the raising casualties at around 40000 across southern Turkey and northwest Syria after a huge hit. In the same view, India sent search and rescue teams, mostly three teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), a field hospital, supplies, medical supplies, and other necessary equipment to the quake-jolted Turkey and Syria as part of Operation Dost.

Hence, through Astrology it is understandable how various planetary conjunctions and their placements in various houses can affect human life in all aspects and the nation and the world at large. For more details about an event and problems one can opt to talk to astrologer online.


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