74th Republic Day: Find Out What New India’s Horoscope Holds

 74th Republic Day: Find Out What New India’s Horoscope Holds

This year India is going to celebrate its 74th Republic Day. It's a great day to feel the pride to honor the Constitution of independent India which was drafted and came into effect on 26 January 1950. The day makes every Indian proud to have been born on this holy and rich Indian soil where our courageous freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, and thousands more shattered and sacrificed their own lives for their motherland. Only for the sake of granting us liberation from the British and their Colonialism in India. Every year we celebrate Republic Day with great enthusiasm and excitement and pay tribute to our real heroes. 

We all are aware that India has been setting new records every year in different fields of education, science, technology, medicine, knowledge, and economy. With the same regard as per our Vedic Astrologers, this year too will create and experience new milestones in various fields. As per online astrologers, the  Horoscope of India carries a lot for every one of us. So, before that let's know every fine detail related to this day.  

What will be new on this 74th Republic Day? 
This time on the occasion of Republic Day, a state-level function will be organized at the historic Ridge Ground of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar will take the salute at the Republic Day parade. For the first time, jawans of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles will also be seen participating in the parade on the ridge ground. The district administration has also started preparations for the state-level function to be held in Shimla.
The Police Dog Squad will also be the center of attraction for the people in the parade to be held on 26 January.

Importance of the Republic Day Parade on 26 January
·    Republic day parades take place to celebrate the formation of the Constitution of India since it came into force on 26 January 1950.
·    It is a national event and the tricolor is hoisted by the President of India at India Gate with great pride and zeal. And even in every nook and corner of the country from offices to schools.
·    Even though it is a national holiday, people from all corners of the country turn out to be a part of the mesmerizing Rajpath parade on 26 January in New Delhi championing India's struggle for freedom. 
·    The parade is presided over by the Indian President and is organized by the Ministry of Defence every year. Other than showcasing its military prowess, the event also champions India's diverse culture. 

Now, let us know how the year 2023 is going to be for India and its citizens according to this year's horoscope which is analyzed by our Vedic Experts. 

Horoscope of India in the year 2023
In the year 2023, India will be under the influence of Moon Mahadasha. This will solve his political, economic, religious, and cultural problems. Let us see how the planetary positions will affect the social, economic, and religious scenario. Also how they will increase the welfare and development of India in 2023.

Impact on Indian Politics and Foreign Relations
For India this year will be Moon Mahadasha, so politically, there will be great involvement and satisfactory development for the country. India will carve out a place for itself in the world of outstanding achievements and with some determined work, it will capture success and happiness from all sides.

However, in the upcoming elections, the country will have to face some troubles and issues for the common people. But overall, this will be a favorable period for the country and will be helpful in the political upliftments. Since the Moon is in Cancer in India's horoscope, the political scene will be turbulent with the sounding of the election bugle. This will affect India's relations with other countries, especially those that closely follow elections in India.

Economic Development
Due to fewer global threats and higher interest rates in the first quarter of 2023 as compared to the year 2022, Indian stock markets may experience growth. In the first half of the year, due to Moon's Mahadasha and Ketu's Antardasha, the people of the country should take care of their policies and methods of investment. There can be an inflow of investment in foreign, which can affect things for the country.

Later, as soon as the Moon Mahadasha will be accompanied by the Antardasha of Venus, there will be several aspects, which can lead to the disturbing economic graph of the country. However, there will be no major loss, as two big transits in the year, which are Jupiter and Saturn transits in 2023, will help India revive easily. Apart from this, you can also consult your yearly horoscope by date of birth from our Myastroguruji experts.     

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