12 Simple And Interesting Points To Attract Luck And Fortune

 12 Simple And Interesting Points To Attract Luck And Fortune

It's crucial to have good fortune in life. It lets life flow more easily and makes everything around it go more smoothly. When it comes to some of the most significant areas of our lives, such as love or finding a life partner, education, a career, or a business, chance and opportunity become critical. In fact, they may have a considerably higher impact than what we as humans realise.

Vedic astrology provides strong indicators regarding the ability to predict both good and terrible times in our lives in advance, yet all of the events that take place in a person's life are influenced by a variety of factors, including planetary position and placement, transits, and other astrologically related aspects. And so is the luck of a person. These can only be determined after a careful examination of a person's Birth chart. 

Despite all, it is a must to pursue your Karma, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work in your specific field of expertise.   

Role of 10th and 11th Houses in attracting luck 
In Astrology, the 10th House is the Career house and the 11th house is the Income house. As a result, the progression of raising someone's luck becomes significantly influenced by their respective Lords. If the Lords of the specific Houses are conversing in their Mahadasha Sub-Periods and Transits at that time, it is a favourable sign that the native will have greater luck in the future and that their days will be filled with pleasure, prosperity, satisfaction, and wellbeing.

Now let's adapt some astrology points that help to attract Luck and Fortune.
1. Begin your day with meditation. By doing so you will be able to strengthen your thoughts and have the ability to carry out your duties more successfully and efficiently.
2. Always consider cleaning your house early in the morning.
3. Make sure to seek astrology online consultation for your horoscope and learn which Daan will enable you to improve your luck the most.
4. Always take the blessings of elders in your home daily and before doing any auspicious work.
5. If you are married then don't humiliate your partner in any case and don't use bad words at your home. Because by this you can attract the bad energies in your home and definitely it will ruin your life.
6. Try to perform the tarpan ritual for your ancestors' or pitra's peace on every Amavasya.
7. Try to read the Satya Narayan Katha on every Poornima to win Lord Vishnu's blessings, who will give you all you need in life.
8. The food that is prepared in your house in the morning. Give the first bread out of it to the cow. According to the religious texts, the cow is considered to be the abode of all the gods. If bread is given to the cow every day, then all the gods are pleased. and fulfil your every wish.
9. Every day whenever you leave the house, take blessings by touching the feet of your parents and elders of the house. By doing this, the influence of malefic planets in your horoscope will become favourable to you and give auspicious results. With the blessings of the parents, the crisis coming on you will be averted and your work will go on getting done.
10. After taking bath etc. in the morning, offer a glass of water to the Peepal tree. Except for Sunday. It is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in Peepal and is pleased by performing these measures on a daily basis. Also, provide auspicious results. The importance of this tree can be known from the fact that while preaching the Gita to Arjuna, Lord Krishna had described himself as Peepal among the trees.
11. It is advised not to go home empty-handed. Whenever you enter the house from outside, make sure to carry something with you for your parents or siblings. With this, the blessings and profusion in the house remain intact.  
12. Adopt these astrology ways obediently to attract good luck and fortune. For more, you guys can connect with our valuable Astrologers at the Myastroguruji platform, and don’t forget to download application it for your own convenience. Get the first 5-minute consultation free!!  

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