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Myra is a skilled and compassionate Tarot card reader with years of experience in helping people navigate the challenges of life. She is known for her ability to provide practical and simple remedies to her clients, using both her expertise in Tarot reading and her knowledge of numerology. Myra takes a holistic approach to her readings, considering not only the present situation but also the long-term goals and desires of her clients. She is deeply empathetic and works hard to create a safe and supportive space for her clients to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. In addition to her work as a Tarot reader, Myra is also an experienced numerologist. She believes that numbers hold powerful energies and can provide insight into the patterns and rhythms of our lives. By combining her knowledge of Tarot and numerology, Myra is able to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to helping her clients find their path and lead a happy and fulfilling life.


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