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Anika is a highly experienced numerologist, tarot reader, and life coach who has been practicing for over 7 years. Her approach is holistic and compassionate, with a focus on helping her clients unlock their true potential and live their best lives. Anika's passion for helping others began early in life, and she has always been drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical world. She began studying numerology and tarot at a young age and quickly developed a deep understanding of these systems. Over the years, Anika has honed her skills and expanded her knowledge, becoming a trusted advisor to clients from all walks of life. As a numerologist, Anika uses her understanding of numbers and their meanings to provide insight into her clients' lives. She believes that numerology can reveal hidden aspects of personality, strengths and weaknesses, and life path, helping individuals to understand themselves better and make better decisions. As a tarot reader, Anika uses the ancient art of divination to provide guidance and clarity. She sees the tarot as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment, and she uses her deep intuition and understanding of symbolism to help her clients navigate life's challenges. In addition to her work as a numerologist and tarot reader, Anika is also a skilled life coach. She draws on her extensive training in psychology and counseling to help her clients set and achieve their goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and create fulfilling and purposeful lives. Anika is deeply committed to her clients' wellbeing and is known for her compassionate and non-judgmental approach. Whether you are seeking guidance on your career, relationships, personal growth, or any other area of your life, Anika is here to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.    


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