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Why do we need Vedic Astrology in today's era?

Astrology is a very old science, in which the fate of man is studied by the movements and effects of planets and constellations. It is that Astrology reveals God's will that inspires people to move forward in different aspects of their life following God's will. It is largely regarded as the part of the Vedas which imparts spiritual ways to settle one's life. Vedas are the roots of every life causing problems that are slightly forgotten by the people of the ongoing generation. According to the Vedas Astrology is the science that gives knowledge of planets, constellations, etc.

Through Myastroguruji, we are trying to establish such an Astrology online consultation platform where our Vedic Astrologers will act as your life-guiding coach and you can understand and learn the implementation of astrology prediction in life sitting at home. Apart from this, we are also giving you information about Gemstone Astrology, Planetary Astrology, Saturn's Sade Sati and Vaastu science, etc.

In order to uncover the secrets of the changes taking place in the solar system and the planets-constellations etc., man started observing, examining, and understanding the planets-stars, etc. Gradually, the movements of the planets and constellations began to be understood by humans. He started connecting the events happening around him with the activities of these planets-constellations present in the solar system and thus it became a scripture, which we all know today as Jyotish or Jyotish Vidya.

Jyotish Vidya in the right terms is the study of various cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, that have an impact on people's lives. You must be aware that there are a total of 9 planets in the solar system. The 9 planets in astrology are Surya (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangala), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (North Node of the Moon), and Ketu (South Node of the Moon).

In astrology, some planets bring positivity whereas some are meant to shed negative energies depending upon the position they are placed with. The planets that generally bring negative effects on human beings are Rahu and Ketu. Their presence in one's horoscope is said to bring pain, suffering, and sorrow. But yes, exceptions are always there. For example, the presence of Ketu in one's Kundli is not always bad and similarly, the presence of Brihaspati in one's Kundli may not be the best every time.

So grab an opportunity to talk to an astrologer online, at Myastroguruji, and know in detail what your zodiac signs and houses in astrology and the planetary movements and the universe at large hold for you and represent something positive or negative in some or the other ways. For more information, you can consult our Vedic experts for a free horoscope online , etc.

Aim to establish Online Astrology Consultation services

Myastrogurji as your life guiding coach is making the best efforts to bring you legit predictions and estimations through Daily horoscope, horoscope matchmaking, kundli matchmaking by the best astrologers who have expertise in Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Reiki Remedies, Palmistry, Psychic counselling and many more.

The aim behind making astrology predictions available online is to help people save time and money to find precise foretelling only by experienced astrologers. As astrologers work with us, they are so particular in their predictions and scrutinized in terms of solving issues and delivering guidance. We believe the better the services, the better the ratings. Talking about the service, there are many ways to avail of it. You can either talk to the astrologer on call or just chat with Astrologer at your convenience. First five minutes consultation free!

Moreover, we refrain from any concept that misled people into superstition and wrong practices. Thus, promotes reliability, safe counseling, and consultation. Myastroguruji consistently adds value to customer service through its valuable and legit predictions and not merely attracting customers. For this, we are much thankful to our Astrologers who are delivering impeccable astrology online consultation services.

Myastroguruji, apart from online astrology predictions, also conducts various live sessions which help in getting a better understanding of Online Astrology Predictions and more related topics. These events range from free astrology prediction sessions to shubh muhurat and puja events that take place on various occasions and yes, it's a way for us to connect with people across the globe.

Benefits of Online Astrology

Whatever we are building today, a big credit goes to online astrologers. Astrologers have a wide knowledge of all fields. Which you get on both the website and our app. People have a lot of faith in astrology, so they resort to various astrological remedies and tricks to get success and desired results in any area of ​​their life. According to astrology, if these measures are done in the right way and with complete methods, then the desired thing is definitely achieved. Be it a physical or financial problem, every person is stuck in some or other problem today or wants to strengthen himself financially in a more right way.

Today every person has this desire that he should have all the necessary things of comfort and immense wealth, but it is not necessary that this should happen with everyone. To fulfil these needs and to remove problems, people use remedies, tricks, and tantra-mantras in astrology. The remedies suggested in astrology are very old and proven, with the help of which a person can overcome his troubles to a great extent and lead a happy and healthy life.

Stay updated with daily horoscope today predictions and zodiac signs

We at Myastroguruji— the online astrology consultation platform deliver the best future happenings but at the same time, we are empowered to always provide the best to our visitors. So within a short span of time, we have created a space to provide even the minutest details on astrological elements like transits, astrology daily horoscope for different zodiac signs, updates on upcoming auspicious dates, free Kundli match making online different trending blogs on various spiritual, astrological, and current happenings and much more.

Whereas the daily horoscope of astrology gives one the opportunity to rearrange their day according to the stars. On the other hand, having knowledge of Muhurat among other astrology services ensures that you are well-updated on the best timings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology

What kind of questions can I ask online astrologers?

As long as you are respectful and authentic about your questions. Till then there is no limit on what you can and cannot talk to an astrologer. Astrology has an answer for virtually anything and everything. From your career to your love life or health, astrology can predict endless questions. You can trust us when we say that our astrologers have posed some of the toughest questions which they have answered with ease.

For example, if you are Manglik, An astrologer can help you find out. Ask, what is the right time to get married? Or what are your chances of improving your financial situation in the coming years? How will your love life work etc., these many questions can thoroughly be answered by our astrologers simply by calculating the planetary positions and linking them with your nakshatra, zodiac signs, house in astrology, and many more factors.

What is the duration of online astrology consultation?
Astrology has no boundaries. We have a number of Vedic experts with whom you can connect and ask as many questions as you can. They will assist you with all your queries without any time limit.
Should we believe in astrology?
We have seen many people who do not believe in astrology. They believe that astrology is wrong. Some people also believe that astrology only predicts the future. But let us tell you that not only predicting the future through astrology, but all the five elements from zodiac signs, planets, and constellations are studied. Believe it or not. But every person is connected to astrology in one way or the other. Along with this, you can use the Myastroguruji app for more information about Jyotish Vidya.
Is Myastroguruji online consultation free?
And the answer is an absolute YES. You have the first five minutes of online consultation free with any astrologer you choose to talk to. Afterward, you have to recharge your wallet to further continue your consultation. You have to choose the available recharge packs to avail of various offers and cashback.
Will my personal information be kept confidential?
Yes, it will be. We respect your privacy 100% and are bound to keep your personal details well protected. So that no one can ever misuse it. You can count on us.